Zunyi Sale Center

Project Name : 
Zunyi Sale Center

Location :
Zunyi, China

Status : 
Concept design

Owner : 

Area :
2000 sq.m

Zunyi sale center is located in Zunyi city in northern Guizhou province, People’s Republic of China. The project is a sale center for the real estate project in that area.


The building is designed to connect 2 different areas on the site which is resident area on higher level and a park below. A big ramp and stair is provided in the middle of the building as a main circulation to connect the different level.


The program also divides in to 2 main functions by the ramp, sale center and community center for people nearby.


Architect creates 2 ellipses court at the center of each program for natural light and ventilation. These two courts also bring the nature to the interior space too.


The roof of the building is design as an undulating green roof to make it like natural terrain. It is connected the green area from the roof of the building to the park below and also connect the view of green area from resident area on the level above.



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